IMARES - Wageningen UR

Wageningen IMARES specializes in strategic and applied marine ecological research with a focus on Marine Living Resource Management (the sustainable conservation, harvesting and multiple use of the sea and coastal areas). The Institute, founded in 2006, is composed of the former Netherlands Institute for Fisheries Research (RIVO) and divisions of Alterra and TNO. Approximately 170 experts work at Wageningen IMARES on projects for public and private sector clients, nationally and internationally.  

The institute has modern research facilities, is ISO certified and accredited to undertake chemical and eco‐toxicological research. The core competencies are (salt) water ecology, water quality and the related environmental risks of contaminants, biological production systems and optimization of the sustainable multifunctional use within the marine environment, coastal and catchments areas. To this end, the focal areas include field research, experiments on a realistic scale, laboratory‐scale exploratory studies, data management and modelling.  

Contribution to the project

IMARES will contribute to WP2 investigating the variability in stock reproductive potential and the implications for stock management.

The scientific team

Dr. Thomas Brunel is an engineer in agronomy and has a PhD in Fisheries Science. His main scientific interest is the understanding the effects of fishing and of environmental factors on fish stocks, focusing mainly on recruitment variability. He has published two articles on this subject. He is a member of ICES stock assessment working groups of pelagic fish.

Dr. Mark Dickey-Collas, has been involved in fisheries research since 1992. He holds degrees in oceanography and marine biology. His research interest is population biology of commercial fish, ichthyoplankton ecology, recruitment dynamics, management strategy evaluations and the pelagic ecosystem. He has published 30+ peer-reviewed papers. He is a Senior Fellow of the Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences and has sat on the European Commission STECF, ICES ACFM and is currently the Dutch member of the ICES Science committee.
27 JANUARY 2022