Synthesis and dissemination (WP 5)

WP5 has two objectives. The first objective of WP5 is to synthesise the results of WP1 to WP4 to ensure that the advice given to managers is consistent with an ecosystem approach to management under a changing climate rather than consistent with one aspect but inconsistent in all others. The second objective is to assure that the scientific community, managers, stakeholders and the general public are informed of the results of the project.  

In task 5.1, the future stock dynamics and the subsequent limits to sustainable ecosystem exploitation and the area delivering maximum sustainable economic yield under selected climatic scenarios will be analysed. This will avoid the delivery of mutually inconsistent management advice as will most likely be the case if it is attempted to e.g. maximise yield and ensure protection of susceptible fish stocks independently.  

In task 5.2, the parameters of the different Schaeffer models will be compared to investigate whether general properties of the dynamics of interacting fish stocks can be derived. If this is the case, such properties could be use to suggest rules of thumb for management in areas where the amount of data available is insufficient to construct multispecies assessment models.  

In task 5.3, the communication of project results will be in focus. The communication will target both the scientific community, managers, stakeholders and the general public. This will avoid that the project delivers results which in practice are never used in management.
27 JANUARY 2022