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The DEFINEIT project ended on the 30th of June 2012 and the final report is availble on this website.
Download the final project report 

Work related to obtaining MSY in interacting stocks in continuing in Myfish (

Dissemination events

New scientific results are continually disseminated from the DEFINEIT project to the scientific community, the scientific advisory system, stakeholders and managers. 
See an overview of the oral presentations in 2010 

Project kick-off meeting

The project kick-off meeting was held in Copenhagen in January 2010. The partners met and discussed how to ensure outstanding progress in the project and how to enhance the cooporation between DEFINEIT and related projects such as the other projects funded under the Marifish call and the EU project FACTS.  

Second project meeting

The second project meeting took place on November 1-2nd in Athens, Greece. It was attended by representatives from all partners and reviewed the progress in the project and the future work planned.  

Project workshop on including improved Stock Recruitment Relationships in Multispecies Models

A project workshop on including improved Stock Recruitment relationships in Multispecies Models was conducted in Paris on february 10th. The workshop resulted in detailed plans for the inclusion of improved stock recruitment relationships for herring and capeling in the Barent Sea and herring in the North Sea. 

Dialogue meeting between DTU Aqua og Danish Fishermen

A dialogue meeting arranged in cooporation with the Danish Fishermens Association took place at DTU in Lyngby on September 1st 2011. The meeting had 65 participants from DTU Aqua, the ministry, BSRAC and NSRACs and a range of fisheries and was characteristic for the cooporative spirit and the agreed value of working accross organisations.   

Preliminary results

Read about how it is now possible to estimate the development of the individual herring stocks in the North Sea in the article Mind the gaps: a state-space model for analysing the dynamics of North Sea herring spawning components by Mark Payne