MRI - Marine Research Institute

The Marine Research Institute in Iceland has as main task to advice Icelandic authorities on utilisation of the ecosystem around Iceland, mostly fisheries. Therefore, a large part of the institute’s budget is spent on annual surveys and routine sampling from commercial catches. Another important task of MRI is to monitor the physical environment of Icelandic waters. 

The institute has a number of relatively long time series, both on exploited and unexploited species as well as the physical environment. MRI has for a long time emphasized to store all data in centralised relational database with full access to the raw data. This applies to survey data, data on landings, stomach content data, tagging data, logbooks from fishing vessels and hydrographical data. Currently, all those data are accessible from the Oracle database soon after sampling. A project in which old data are uploaded to the same database has been ongoing since 1998.

The institute operates two research vessels and in addition rents commercial vessels on occasion. MRI headquarters are in Reykjavík, but the institute operates branches in 5 locations around Iceland. The total number of employees is 170, most of them in the head quarters.  MRI cooperates with the University of Iceland in a number of projects.

Contribution to the project

MRI will contribute to multispecies modelling and technical interaction in WP2. 

The scientific team

Höskuldur Björnsson is a researcher at MRI. He has been working at MRI for 15 years, initially on multispecies modelling but for the last eight years mostly in assessment. He was involved in the design and programming of the GADGET model and has used the model  in annual assessments for a number of years. Apart from assessment, his work in recent years has been on demersal surveys and multispecies interactions. In the project, Höskuldur Björnsson will look at the “most suitable spatial scale” for modelling predator-prey interactions and technical interactions in fisheries.
27 JANUARY 2022