Project structure

The work in the project is organized around five work packages (WPs):

Enhanced multispecies models are developed in WP1 and used as the basis for adding the effect on future stock sizes of stock recruitment relationships in WP 2 and the effect of sustaining non-target fish species in WP3.

The resulting models are used to derive the multispecies production models required to estimate maximum economic yield and consider socioeconomic implications in WP4. 

Consequences for management are both disseminated directly and through the final biological and economic models in WP5, which also includes a comparison of the results from different ecosystem models, providing a synthesis and revealing results that have the potential to be general “rules of thumb” for advice.

Related projects

DEFINEIT has strong links with other national and international projects including FACTS, SUNFISH, ECOKNOWS and MYFISH.

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27 JANUARY 2022