Related projects

DEFINEIT has strong links with other national and international projects including 

  • Forage Fish Interactions (FACTS)
    FACTS developed advice on the consequences of various forage fish harvest strategies to the ecosystem including their economic implications. FACTS research focused on seven forage fish species (anchovy, herring, capelin, Norway pout, sardine, sandeel and sprat) that are a major natural resource to the European community and represent key elements in the functioning of marine ecosystems. FACTS received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme.

  • Sustainable fisheries, climate change and the North Sea ecosystem (SUNFISH)
    SUNFISH is a Danish national project funded by The Strategic Research Council. The project aims to create an improved understanding and evaluation of the effect of future climate change on the North Sea ecosystem and thereby to contribute to the development of optimal and sustainable management strategies. The project was led by Prof. Henrik Gislason, DTU Aqua.

    ECOKNOWS was a FP7 fisheries project, which started in September 2010. The general aim of the project was to improve the use of biological knowledge in fisheries and management.

  • Maximising Yield of Fisheries while balancing Ecosystem, Economic and Social Concerns (MYFISH)
    MYFISH aimed at developing new Maximum Sustainable Yield indicators that can ensure high levels of fishery yield while respecting ecological, economic and social sustainability thus contributing to achieve the Good Environmental Status (GES) foreseen in the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD).


27 JANUARY 2022